original language: french
last update: 16/10/2001

Welcome to DemoLinux

This site is dedicated to the production of CD Roms (the DemoLinux CDs) that allow to run Linux without installation, disk partitioning and other hassles that usually prevent people from giving Linux a try.

This is made possible by a set of technological features in the Linux kernel, and by means of some other free software (notably by S.u.S.E. and RedHat) that we reuse here.


We wanted to make it possible to everybody to look at what Linux can offer, and to make it possible for software publishers wanting to show their Linux-based software to distribute a no hassle hands-off demo CD.

But this kind of CD makes also a wonderful Linux-to-go solution: you might carry your favorite desktop configuration in your pocket, sit in front of a non-Linux box, boot from the CD and be in front of your preferred environment in minutes.

Hardware Requirements

To try out DemoLinux, you need a PC equipped with a CD-ROM and

This is enough to get a running Linux system, with graphics, preconfidured desktop and login mask. For more detailed informations on what the CD contains and how to use it, click here. MIRRORS: We are always looking for mirrors... if you want to help, you should set up an anonymous ftp server, configured to mirror the location specified here, and write to mirrors@-removethis-demolinux.org providing us the full URL that will have the image on your server, so we can list you.