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last update: 14/07/2000

DemoLinux 2.0

Now available!

DemoLinux 2.0 includes the GNOME and KDE environments, Enlightenment, StarOffice, lots of games, development tools, and a full load of utilities.
The exhaustive list of installed programs is available here.
The current version is based on the Debian distribution.

More than 1 Giga-bytes of programs!

A transparent data-compression schema allows DemoLinux 2.0 to provide you with more than 1 Gigabyte of programs and applications that you can immediatly use directly off a traditional 650Mb CD!

Install DemoLinux with 3 clics!

You liked DemoLinux and now you want it on your hard drive: this is finally possible, and easy.
If you have a spare partition or hard drive, just click on the install icon on the root desktop, and you will get a basic Linux installation, which is (almost) identical to the one you would have obtained using the standard Debian installation procedure (notice though that you will have it all on one partition, with a swap file instead of a swap partition, and the boot will require a floppy disk). After the installation, which is automatic, there is no additional configuration: if it worked with the DemoLinux CD, it should work the same (faster) after the install. To configure new hardware, or install new software, simply use the Debian tools.

To see some screenshots, click on the images below:

Known Bugs

Any suggestions are welcome!

  • Loading from Windows works only if the CD-reader is well configurated in MS-DOS mode. Does it exist a loadlin for windows?
Unsupported or unconfigured hardware

Any suggestions are welcome!

  • USB port
  • graphic cards not VESA 2.0 compliant or not supported by SVGA X server
  • sound cards
  • ...
You can configure any device after anchoring or installation, using the standard method from the debian distribution.