original language: french
last update: 06/03/2000

DemoLinux 1.0

Distribution in DemoLinux?  This first version is based on the Mandrake distribution (which is in turn based on the RedHat one), but the technology upon which DemoLinux is based does not depend on any particular distribution : we have already some S.u.S.E. based CDs, for example.

Software on the CD

A great amount of software is already installed on the CD. You will be using the KDE environment, which is quite confortable: the panel at the bottom of the screen give acces to a few "virtual desktops", and allows you to launch a few applications. You will also find there, besides the "K" menu, icons to launch the KDE file manager, the image manipulation software "The Gimp", Netscape Communicator and Corel WordPerfect.

On the desktop one or more icons allow you to access the hard disks on your machine. These disks are also accessible to any application via a path looking like /mnt/hda1. The floppy disk drive (if you have one) is accessible as /mnt/floppy.

For a description of some of the programs available on the CD, clic here.

To see the list of installed packages in this version click here.

Important : DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK ON THE ICONS OR BUTTONS. A single click launches an application, a double click will launch TWO. Also, WAIT for the application to come up (this may take some time if your CD-ROM drive is slow): if you get impatient and start clicking again on the buttons, you will slow down the process and eventually find yourself with a dozen copies of the application around.