original language: french
last update: 13/11/2002

DemoLinux news

8/11/2002: Una version Japonesa de DemoLinux 3.01pl5 ha sido desarrollada por el Information Technology Research Institute y se puede bajar aca. Tambien hay una copia local en el directorio 3.0/Contrib/AIST del servidor DemoLinux.

10/10/2002: Un articulo acerca de DemoLinux 3.01pl5 en LinuxZone.

12/09/2002: El INRIA saca una version de DemoLinux 3.01pl5, distribuida junto al CD-Rom de Software Libre del Inria. Lo pueden pedir aca.

26/08/2002: Un lindo articulo en InfoWorld.

28/07/2002: DemoLinux 3.01pl5 Llega la ultima version de la serie 3.0 de Demolinux, con el juego UpLink, y las ultimas versiones de Ocaml, Active-DVI y WhizzyTex. Pueden bajarlo desde el server ftp de ese sitio (o mejor, usar rsync).

10/05/2002: Pellico Systems has realized a customized version of DemoLinux 3.01 for demoing the Trolltech Qtopia development environment for the Sharp Zaurus Personal Mobility Tool or any ARM based device running the Trolltech QPE system. It is described here, and the DemoLinux projects hosts a copy of the ISO image in the Contrib/Zaurus subdirectory of the ftp server.

31/03/2002: Demolinux mentioned in an evaluation of distributions.

27/03/2002: Un lindo articulo acerca de DemoLinux 3.01 en NewsForge

15/03/2002: An article on DemoLinux 3.01 in Linux.html.it.

28/01/2002: DemoLinux 3.01 is out! (a bug fix of 3.0). You can download it from the FTP site (and soon from the mirrors), or get it from Ikarios, or in the February issue of Planete Linux (in France only).

16/10/2001: DemoLinux 3.0 salio! pueden descargarlo desde el sitio FTP (y pronto desde los mirrors).

14/09/2001: DemoLinux 3.0 Final Beta salio! pueden descargarlo desde el sitio FTP (y pronto desde los mirrors).

15/04/2000: DemoLinux got a "Best of Linux Award" from Dave Central.

10/04/2000: DemoLinux 1.9 (the first beta of version 2.0) is available for beta testers. You can download it from our ftp site and from our mirrors as soon as they are updated. More info here.

18/03/2000: The first beta of Version 2.0 is going to be available for beta testers soon.

Due to the presence of the StarOffice suite, for which a license has been requested from Sun, but not yet obtained, we are forced to limit the beta test program, and encrypt the ISO image that will be uploaded. Instructions for decrypting the image will be sent directly to accepted beta-testers by e-mail.

17/03/2000: A developer mailing list is created for discussion on the development and evolution of DemoLinux. You can subscribe here.

15/03/2000: A special number of the 100%Linux magazine is fully devoted to DemoLinux 1.0 in France

05/02/2000: The 1.0 version is widely distributed in France with the Linux+ magazine

02/02/2000:DemoLinux 1.0 final is out! You can download it, but finally, the CD is also available from Ikarios if you want to get the real collector item.

15/11/1999: Announce of the next release of DemoLinux, based on Debian, and including the GNOME desktop.

november 1999: The 1.0pre4 version is distributed in France with the PC-Max magazine

10/9/1999: The first stable version of DemoLinux is out for the Linux Demo Days '99. You can download it as explained here.