original language: english
last update: 06/03/2000

How to get DemoLinux?

Ordering DemoLinux If you do not want to write your own CD and you have no means to get a copy printed by a friend of yours having a fast internet connection, you can now order the CD, with a very nice cover, at a nominal fee from:

Downloading DemoLinux Right now, we can only distribute the CD via a file containing the ISO9660 image that you can use to write a CD by your own, if you have a CD writer and the necessary software.

Click here for instruction on how to write a CD.

The ISO9660 image of the Demolinux CD takes up more than 600Mb (or 200 Mb compressed) and is located at http://www.demolinux.org/DOWNLOAD.

But please try also one of the mirror sites nearest to you (this list is under construction):

Rsync access

Il y a aussi un accès rsync. Par exemple, essayez:

rsync -zv www.demolinux.org::demolinux/3.0/README .

Other means to get DemoLinux


Une image du CD compressée (à graver) est disponible sur le CDROM de la revue PCMAX du mois de novembre.

09/99: In Paris, several thousands CDs will be given at no charge during Linux Demo Days '99.

Also, notice that, since Corel did not provide us yet with a formal authorization, we had to remove WordPerfect from the CD at the very last minute.